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We are developing novel functional and high-performance photonic integrated circuits relating to photonics and spintronics.

What's new

  • 2024.3.4-8 Conference
    Prof. Shoji: IEICE General Conference@Hiroshima (Invited talks)
  • 2024.2.20 Event
    Tagawa, Tsuda(B4): Bachelor Thesis Presentation
  • 2024.2.6 Event
    Sato, Shimotsu, Chihara, Tsuchiya(M2), Tong(M2): Master Thesis Presentation
  • 2024.1.28-2.1 Conference
    Prof. Shoji: SPIE Photonics West 2024@San Fransisco (2 Invited talks)
  • 2023.12.26 Event
    Minemura(D3):Doctoral Dissertation Presentation (Defense)
  • 2023.12.7-8 Conference
    Sato (M2): Photonic Device Workshop (PDW)2023
    Sato won the Best Student Poster Award !!
  • 2023.11.29 News
    Paper of Minemura(D3) was published in IEICE Electronics Express
  • 2023.11.1-2 Conference
    Prof. Shoji: ISPEC2023@Tokyo Tech
  • 2023.9.22,25 Event
    Shinbo, Takagi, Nakanishi(M1): Initiative Presentation
  • 2023.9.12 News
    Paper of Serrano-Nunez on IEICE Electronics Express won the 2023 ELEX Best Paper Award !!
  • 2023.9.12-15 Conference
    Sato(M2), Shimotsu(M2), Chihara(M2), Tsuchiya(M2): IEICE Society Conference 2023@Nagoya University
  • 2023.8.25,28 Event
    Yajima(D2), Sato, Shimotu, Chihara, Tsuchiya(M2): Midterm Presentation
  • 2023.8.7 News
    Paper of Prof. Shoji was published in Optical Materials Express selected as Editor's Pick
  • 2023.8.4 News
    Paper of Minemura(D3) was published in Optics Express
  • 2023.8.2 Event
    Tagawa, Tsuda(B4):Electrical and Electronic Engineering Project Presentation
  • 2023.7.31 Event
    Tong(M2):Master Thesis Presentation
  • 2023.6.28 Event
    Liu(D3):Doctoral Dissertation Presentation (Defense)
  • 2023.5.8 News
    Paper of Yajima(D2) was published in Optics Express selected as Editor's Pick
  • 2023.4.4-7 Conference
    Prof. Shoji: IEEE Silicon Photonics Conference@Arlington (Invited talk)
  • 2023.4.3-4 Event
    Liang(D2)、Ni(D1), Wang(D1): Initiative and Midterm Presentations
  • 2023.4.1 News
    New member: Shinbo(M1), Takagi(M1), Nakanishi(M1), Tagawa(B4), Tsuda(B4)
  • 2023.4.1 News
    Minemura(D3): JSPS Research Fellowships for Young Scientists(DC2
  • 2023.3.26 Conference
    Tanigushi(M2): Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Exellent Master Thesis Award 2022
  • 2023.3.15-18 Conference
    Minemura(D2), Yajima(D1): The 70th JSAP Spring Meeting 2023@Sophia University
  • 2023.3.8 News
    Paper of Liang(D2) was published in Japanese Journal of Applied Physics
  • 2023.3.6 News
    Paper of Liu(D3) was published in Optica
  • 2023.2.22 Event
    Yoshida(B4): Bachelor Thesis Presentation
  • 2023.2.6 Event
    Taniguchi(M2), Tong(M2): Master Thesis Presentation
  • 2022.12.8-9 Conference
    Prof. Shoji: Photonic Device Workshop (PDW)2022
  • 2022.12.1-2 Conference
    Prof. Shoji:The International Symposium on Photonics and Electronics Convergence (ISPEC2022)@Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • October 20-22, 2022 Conference
    Taniguchi(M2): The October Technical Meeting of OPE
  • September 26, 2022 Event
    Yajima(D1), Sato(M1), Shimozu(M1), Chihara(M1), Tsuchiya(M1): Doctor/Master Thesis Proposal Presentation
  • September 20-23, 2022 Conference
    Liu(D2),Yajima(D1): Yajima(D1):The 83th Autumn Meeting of JSAP @Tohoku University
    Yajima recieved "Young Scientist Presentation Award".
  • September 6-9, 2022 Conference
    Prof. Shoji: IEICE Society Conference @online
  • August 26-29, 2022 Event
    Minemura(D2), Taniguchi(M2), Tong(M2): Doctor/Master Thesis Interim Presentation
  • July 26, 2022 Event
    Tange(M2), Ni(M2): Master Thesis Presentation
  • July 3-6, 2022 Conference
    Prof. Shoji, Yajima(D1): OECC/PSC2022 @Toyama
    Yajima recieved "Best Student Paper Award"
  • June 23-24, 2022 Conference
    Sato(M1): The June Meeting of OPE
  • June 7, 2022 News
    The website of Shoji Lab has been renewed.

東京工業大学 未来産業技術研究所/工学院電気電子系


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Shoji Lab.

Tokyo Institute of Technology, FIRST / Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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